In relationships, sometimes (when it comes to synastry) things are indicated and 99% of the time it manifests. With the moon square mars in relationship astrology, it’s indicated that this couple will have a bit of a spark in the relationship that can sometimes result in arguments or disagreements. As we always say, it doesn’t mean that all-out brawling will take place and it doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed. Especially since there can be other aspects that hold the relationship together pretty tightly (such as Sun conjunct Moon, Venus trine Saturn, etc.). Star signs such as Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus – all of the signs considered “sensitive” would be more emotional affected than other astrological signs if they’re the Moon person. But what is apparent is the fact that with the feeling-nature of the moon and the firey action of Mars, there will simply be moments where emotion erupts based on what action is taken by the Mars person. Mars can’t help it, it’s just their way of taking action. You cannot blame him or her. It’s just that the way that person expresses that action is sometimes at odds with the Moon person’s emotional well being. The best course of action is to communicate. I know, it’s said all the time… But PLEASE Moon person, don’t let emotions simmer below the surface and then erupt one day. This doesn’t mean it’s a volatile relationship, it could be downright sexy! But on the other hand, it could be very volatile especially if the Moon person is passive-aggressive in nature….